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Apple's Plans for New Campus in Cupertino

At the June 7, 2011 Cupertino city council meeting, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs gave a presentation detailing Apple's plans for a new Apple campus.  Apple long ago outgrew its current campus at 1 Infinite Loop.  That 14-year old campus now houses less than 30% of the Apple employees based in Cupertino.  The ever-growing Apple needs a larger facility.

Circular Design

Apple is well known for its creative, industry-leading, eye-pleasing designs.  Not only the products they produce but the design of their retail stores too.  In keeping with that history, the design of their proposed new campus is just as innovative and striking.

Artist's Rendering of Apple's Proposed New Campus in Cupertino

Jobs commented that there won't be a single piece of straight glass in the building.

Dedicated Power Plant

During the presentation, Jobs mentioned Apple's plan to include their own power plant.   The plant will convert clean natural gas to electricity and will be the campus' primary source of power (with the conventional power grid used as backup).

Green Space Considerations

Apple's proposal includes a number of design choices that dramatically improve the esthetic footprint of the property.  The majority of the parking will be moved underground, eliminated large expanses of existing asphalt parking.  Apple also plans to increase the number of trees to more than 6,000 from the current number of about 3,700.

Video of Jobs' Presentation

Cupertino has its own city channel on YouTube and they've already posted Jobs' 21-minute presentation.  Many more details and tidbits are revealed by Jobs.  There's even a bit of humor from Jobs when city council member Kris Wang asks about Apple possibly providing free WiFi to the citizens of Cupertino.  I encourage all of my readers to take the time to watch the video.


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