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Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011


You made the world a better place!  Rest in peace, Steve.


Here is Steve Jobs' 2005 Commenncement Address at Stanford University.


iPhone 5 to Support HSPA+ 21 Mbps Technology

According to Japanese site PC Watch, in a keynote speech at Macworld ASIA 2011, China Unicom's vice president of research, Huan Wenliang, told the crowd that Apple's iPhone 5 will support high-speed data transfer HSPA+ 21Mbps technology.  The statement was backed by a slide showing the evolution of the iPhone.  The year 2011 can clearly be seen under the absent image of the iPhone 5, underscoring rumors that the iPhone 5 will, indeed, be announced at next week's (October 4) Apple press event.

iPhone Evolution (click image to expand)

Apple's current GSM (AT&T) iPhone 4 supports 7.2 Mbps HSDPA technology which already gives AT&T's iPhone 4 customers faster data speed than is currently available to Verizon's CDMA iPhone 4 customers.  AT&T has already installed HSPA+ equipment in some markets so iPhone 5 customers in those areas can expect to see improved data speed versus the iPhone 4.

The HSPA+ technology is sometimes referred to as "4G" but the faster LTE 4G technology is not expected to hit the iPhone until sometime in 2012.


Kindle Fire First Real iPad Competitor?

At a press event in New York this morning, Amazon unveiled their new line of Kindle tablets.  Amazon's successful E-reader line with black and white screens has been expanded to five models; Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G, Kindle Keyboard, and Kindle Keyboard 3G priced from $79 to $139 with on-screen advertising.  Without the on-screen advertising the five models are priced from $109 to $189.

The big news, however, is Amazon's announcement of the new color Kindle Fire!  The Kindle Fire features a 7-inch 1024 x 600 pixel multi-touch IPS display, dual-core processor (speed not specified), 8GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, up to 8 hours of battery life for reading and up to 7.5 hours of video playback with Wi-Fi turned off.

The new Kindle Fire isn't exactly a surprise.  Developers have had them in their hands for awhile now.  What is rather surprising is Amazon's selling price for the new color tablet: $199!  Analysts were expecting the Kindle Fire to be priced at $249.

The sub-$200 price seems to be a sweet spot for American consumers when it comes to tablets.  Remember the HP Touchpad?  Touchpad sales were extremely disappointing until HP dropped the price to $99 (16GB) and $149 (32GB).  Then retailers couldn't keep Touchpads on the shelves.  And that was for a dying product.  The Kindle Fire is brand new, with a promising future, and price under $200!.  I'm confident the new color Kindle will be a huge success for Amazon.

But is the Kindle Fire the first tablet that can truly challenge the iPad?  More to the point, will Amazon's new tablet steal sales from Apple's wildly successful iPad 2?  The iPad 2 has a larger screen, longer battery life, two built-in cameras, at least double the memory and 3G models available.  The iPad 2 also starts at more than twice the price of the Kindle Fire.

The next few months are going to be very interesting!



Mac Tip: Managing your iPhone's Camera Roll

Since the best camera is always the one you have with you, I tend to shoot a good number of photos with my iPhone 4.  Many of those photos end up on Facebook or shared via E-mail.  In most cases that's the reason I took the photo in the first place (to share).  Once I've shared them I really don't have any further use for them.  Yet, I find I don't take the time to use the iPhone's Photo app to delete the photos once I'm done with them.  Before I know it, I've got hundreds of photos in the iPhone's Camera Roll taking up precious memory.  Deleting a large number of photos using the iPhone's Photo app is a pain.

Of course, I could use iPhoto or Aperture to import the photos and have the software delete them from the iPhone's Camera Roll after the import.  But, as I said, I really don't have any further use for most of these photos.  What I really need is a way to quickly and easily delete a selected group of photos from the iPhone's Camera Roll without having to import them.  Once the unimportant photos are gone, then I can get down to the business of copying the few that I want to save.

If you've faced this situation before and you are a Mac user, there is an easy solution and it's free!

Apple's Image Capture App For The Mac

Image Capture is one of those "I forgot I had it" apps.  Apple provides the Image Capture application with every Macintosh.  You'll find it in your Applications folder.  Image Capture has a fast, simple interface that makes it child's play to manage your iPhone's Camera Roll (or any supported camera for that matter).

Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB and, after it's finished syncing with iTunes, run the Image Capture program.  Image Capture has two views, list view and icon view.

Image Capture List View (click image to expand)

Image Capture Icon View (click image to expand)The list view shows you quite a bit of information about your photos.  For the purposes of this tutorial I'll use the icon view.

Deleting Numerous Photos Is Easy

To delete any number of photos from your iPhone's Camera Roll (without importing them), simply use your mouse to lasso the photos or use the Shift-Click or Command-Click shortcuts to select the photos.  Then click the delete button.

Image Capture's Delete Button (click image to expand)That's all there is to it! A dialog box will ask you to verify the deletion.

Image Capture's Delete VerificationClick delete and the photos will be removed from your iPhone's Camera Roll a lot faster than deleting them one at a time using the Photo app on the iPhone.

Importing Too

If you've got some photos you'd like to save to your Mac, Image Capture will handle that too.  And Image Capture lets you control exactly where you'd like to save those photos on your Mac's hard drive!

Select the images you'd like to import and use the Import To menu to select the destination.

Image Capture Import (click image to expand)You will be presented with a number of presets, including your Documents and Desktop folders, as well as iPhoto, Aperture, Mail, etc.  If you want to specify your own destination (new folder, different drive, etc.), select Other.

Image Capture Import Destinations

After you've selected the destination, click Import (for selected number of photos) or Import All.

Image Capture Import (click image to expand)

Again, that's all there is to it.  If you'd like to have Image Capture delete the photos from your iPhone's Camera Roll after you've imported them, check the appropriate box before you start the import.

Image Capture Delete After Import (click image to expand)Image Capture Makes It Easy

If you use your iPhone to take a lot of photos that you don't plan to save, the Image Capture app is a quick and easy way to delete those photos from the iPhone's Camera Roll.  Likewise, if you prefer to import your iPhone photos without using iPhoto or Aperture, Image Capture to the rescue.  And, best of all, Image Capture is free with every Mac!

One More Thing!

As a bonus tip and reminder, the Image Capture application is also the tool you use to control which photo application launches (automatically) when you connect your iPhone (or other camera) to your Mac.

Image Capture Auto-Launch Selection (click image to expand)Happily, you can set it so no photo application gets auto-launched.


Apple's Plans for New Campus in Cupertino

At the June 7, 2011 Cupertino city council meeting, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs gave a presentation detailing Apple's plans for a new Apple campus.  Apple long ago outgrew its current campus at 1 Infinite Loop.  That 14-year old campus now houses less than 30% of the Apple employees based in Cupertino.  The ever-growing Apple needs a larger facility.

Circular Design

Apple is well known for its creative, industry-leading, eye-pleasing designs.  Not only the products they produce but the design of their retail stores too.  In keeping with that history, the design of their proposed new campus is just as innovative and striking.

Artist's Rendering of Apple's Proposed New Campus in Cupertino

Jobs commented that there won't be a single piece of straight glass in the building.

Dedicated Power Plant

During the presentation, Jobs mentioned Apple's plan to include their own power plant.   The plant will convert clean natural gas to electricity and will be the campus' primary source of power (with the conventional power grid used as backup).

Green Space Considerations

Apple's proposal includes a number of design choices that dramatically improve the esthetic footprint of the property.  The majority of the parking will be moved underground, eliminated large expanses of existing asphalt parking.  Apple also plans to increase the number of trees to more than 6,000 from the current number of about 3,700.

Video of Jobs' Presentation

Cupertino has its own city channel on YouTube and they've already posted Jobs' 21-minute presentation.  Many more details and tidbits are revealed by Jobs.  There's even a bit of humor from Jobs when city council member Kris Wang asks about Apple possibly providing free WiFi to the citizens of Cupertino.  I encourage all of my readers to take the time to watch the video.



Apple Limits HD Upgrade Options on New iMacs

Today we have news from Other World Computing regarding the new iMac design Apple released last week.  Apple is using a new proprietary SATA power connector and the factory hard drive has custom temperature control firmware.

For the main 3.5″ SATA hard drive bay in the new 2011 machines, Apple has altered the SATA power connector itself from a standard 4-pin power configuration to a 7-pin configuration. Hard drive temperature control is regulated by a combination of this cable and Apple proprietary firmware on the hard drive itself. From our testing, we’ve found that removing this drive from the system, or even from that bay itself, causes the machine’s hard drive fans to spin at maximum speed and replacing the drive with any non-Apple original drive will result in the iMac failing the Apple Hardware Test (AHT).

In examining the 2011 27″ iMac’s viability for our Turnkey Upgrade Service, every workaround we’ve tried thus far to allow us to upgrade the main bay factory hard drive still resulted in spinning fans and an Apple Hardware Test failure. We swapped the main drive out (in this case a Western Digital Black WD1001FALS) with the exact same model drive from our inventory which resulted in a failure. We’ve installed our Mercury Pro 6G SSD in that bay, it too results in ludicrous speed engaged fans and an AHT failure. In short, the Apple-branded main hard drive cannot be moved, removed or replaced.

Granted, upgrading or replacing the hard drive on an iMac is not a job for the timid.  But this wrong-headed decision is probably the stupidest move Apple has made since the board of directors fired Steve Jobs in 1984.

This is the sort of crap the old Apple would pull.  In fact, it was when Apple started doing a better job of following industry standards that the company finally realized better adoption of the Mac platform.  If your hard drive failed, you just headed down to the local Fry's or Best Buy and you were all set.

Major fail, Apple!  But thank you for saving me the money I might have spent "upgrading" to a new iMac.


Apple is the Most Valuable Brand

WPP, a brand performance analysis group, has released their annual BrandZ report identifying the top 100 brands.

Apple became the world’s most valuable brand last year.

The brand increased in value by 84 percent to $153.3 billion. Apple’s rise came as the value of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands appreciated by 17 percent to $2.4 trillion, driven by year-on-year growth in all 13 product sectors studied.

Next in brand value behind Apple are Google, IBM, McDonalds and, rounding out the top five, Microsoft.

Let's face it, it's cool to own and use Apple products.  Apple's products continually rate at the top of the charts in performance and satisfaction surveys.  Apple's customer service and support is unparalleled in the computer and gadget industry.  Millions of people around the world love the Apple brand and their ranks are swelling fast.  Apple products are sleek, sexy, highly useable, easily learned, and the best value for the dollar.

Why on earth do some people settle for less?

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