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Miata Line Sketch to Love Affair

We purchased our first Miata in 1993. That was before the internet (at least, before the internet we know today), before digital download and before Blu-ray. Heck, it was even before the first DVD was released. Back then, we had Laserdisc and video tape. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few quality movies and videos that were once available on Laserdisc or video tape and have yet to be released in a modern digital form. Yesterday, some comments on Forum brought one such video to my mind.


In 1992, Guy Cirinelli was a passionate Miata owner. He also happened to have a passion for video production and owned his own company, Cirinelli Video Productions. Fortunately for Miata enthusiasts, Guy decided to mix his passions and he created a wonderful 30-minute video titled Miata Line Sketch to Love Affair. I've owned a copy of that VHS video since 1993 and I've watched it dozens of times. But it had been quite a few years since my last viewing. That is, until yesterday. The comments on the forum caused me to pop the video into my trusty VHS player and give it a play. As I watched Guy's creation, I was immediately swept back in time to our first days of Miata ownership. That first top-down drive. That first club drive. That first time I peeked into the garage to have one more look at the beautiful Classic Red machine before retiring for the evening.


I was waxing nostalgic and it struck me that there were now thousands of Miata owners that have never enjoyed Guy's creation. I began to wonder if Guy would grant permission for the analog video to be converted to a digital form and hosted on the web for all to enjoy. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, so I fired off an Email to Guy. I was thrilled that he responded in the affirmative and I immediately set to work converting the video.


So here you have it, the entire 30 minutes of Miata Line Sketch to Love Affair. (I've posted it in two parts due to limitations imposed by my photo hosting service.) Click play, sit back, and enjoy one of the finest Miata videos ever created!


Miata Line Sketch to Love Affair - Part One



Miata Line Sketch to Love Affair - Part Two



My sincere thanks to Guy Cirinelli for allowing the video to be posted for all to enjoy!  A reminder to everyone, Cirinelli Video Productions is still the copyright holder for this video and it may not be reproduced, copied, altered or sold without prior written permission from Guy Cirinelli.