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Commercial Roofing Estimates

Commercial Roofing Estimate Guide

What to Expect From A Commercial Roofing Estimate?

Are you looking to repair or replace your commercial roof in Phoenix AZ? You might be wondering what you should know, prepare, and the like. You might also be wondering whether the estimate you’ll get from a commercial roofing company is genuine and fair, or if it is inflated.

Maybe you have no idea what a commercial roofing estimate should contain in the first place.

The first thing to know about commercial roofing estimates is that a company will carry out an inspection and assessment before giving you an estimate. That way, they know the problems that exist with the roof and what they need to do to correct it. All experts are thorough with this process. In fact, some people even use drones to study all angles of the roof.

We are one of the roofing companies that use drones to inspect some aspects of your commercial building. We use the latest drone technology to survey your roof in a process that’s safer, faster, and cost-effective.

With our drone technology, our pilots can gather information faster, especially in areas of your roof that are often difficult for people to reach. You’ll see clear footage of these areas in 4k videos or high-resolution pictures.

While some contractors could give you a quote on the spot, most contractors would rather take their time to prepare the quote and ensure that the quote is thorough and accurate, to avoid issues down the line.

What does a commercial roofing estimate cover? 

The average roofing estimate should cover the cost of materials, labor, warranty, delays, etc.


A commercial roofing estimate will contain a listing and costing of the materials needed for the roof, as well as the manufacturers and quality of the material. Some contractors will even include details of two or more materials from different manufacturers.


While some contractors choose to include labor costs in the estimate for materials, others will keep labor costs separately.


A roofing estimate should always contain details about the warranty written out in plain and understandable terms, including the warranty for materials and maintenance. A long-term warranty that comes along with maintenance is what you need.


A roofing estimate should always stipulate the timeframe the contractor plans to spend on the roofing job. This timeline often depends on how much work needs to be done, the possibilities of interruptions, the availability of materials, and weather conditions.


Some roofing constructors add the cost of protecting your property from damage during the roofing process in the estimate. It is necessary for you to ask the contractors how they plan to protect your business and building when the roofing is ongoing.

Payment Dates

Most roofing contractors will draw out a payment timeline and method, such that you can make payments from the start until the completion. It is important to agree on the chosen date and be sure you can keep up with it. Also, take note of what the penalty might be if you miss payment dates.